Decorative Circular LED Pendant Light with Adjustable length Fixture for Living Room

Step into a world of elegance with The Lit Concept’s Decorative Circular LED Pendant Light (TLC 5020). This exquisite gold fixture, crafted from a blend of iron, aluminum, and silica gel, exudes luxury and sophistication. Boasting an adjustable length and equipped with a powerful 70W, 3-color LED holder, it offers both versatility and striking design. Perfect for any living room, this pendant light provides a radiant glow and a touch of modern opulence.

Product Code TLC 5020
Size W1000*D200*H1500mm
Material Iron+Aluminum+Silica gel
Color Gold
Holder 3 color led 70W


The Lit Concept proudly presents the TLC 5020, a Decorative Circular LED Pendant Light that redefines luxury in lighting. Its intricate design, combining premium materials like iron, aluminum, and silica gel, results in a stunning gold finish that captures the eye and elevates any room’s aesthetic. Measuring W1000D200H1500mm, it’s perfectly sized for both intimate and spacious areas, adding a warm, inviting ambiance to your living room, dining area, or foyer.” “Beyond its breathtaking appearance, the TLC 5020 is a marvel of lighting technology. The fixture includes a 70W LED holder that can shift between three different color settings, allowing you to tailor the atmosphere to your liking. Whether you’re seeking a soft, relaxing glow or a bright, energizing light, this pendant lamp adapts to your needs. Its LED efficiency not only illuminates your space but also conserves energy, making it a smart choice for environmentally conscious consumers.” “Functionality meets flexibility with the TLC 5020’s adjustable length feature, ensuring a perfect fit for any room. This versatility, combined with its elegant circular design, makes the lamp an ideal centerpiece or complementary piece to various décor styles. Whether accentuating a modern minimalist theme or adding a touch of glamour to a traditional setting, this pendant ceiling lamp is sure to impress. The Decorative Circular LED Pendant Light from The Lit Concept is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design, making it an essential addition for those who value style and quality in their lighting choices.


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