Modern Metallic Ring Glass LED Pendant Light for for Study Room Dining Room Bedroom Cafe Restaurant

Illuminate your space with The Lit Concept’s Modern Metallic Ring Glass LED Pendant Light (Product codes: TLC A1863/450/B, TLC A1863/300/B), a sophisticated fusion of modern design and functionality. Crafted from Metal, Aluminum, and Glass in an elegant Sand black+Gold+White color scheme, this pendant light is available in sizes D450mm and D300mm, featuring a 24V~48V/LED-12W holder. Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of study rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, cafes, and restaurants, it offers a stylish, contemporary lighting solution.

Product Code TLC A1863/450/B / TLC A1863/300/B
Size D450mm / D300mm
Material Metal+Aluminum+Glass
Color Sand black+Gold+White
Holder 24V~48V/LED-12W*


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Introducing the Modern Metallic Ring Glass LED Pendant Light from The Lit Concept, a stunning addition to any modern interior. This light fixture, available in two sizes (D450mm and D300mm), embodies the latest in modern pendant lighting technology and design aesthetics. The combination of sand black, gold, and white hues, along with the sleek metal and aluminum construction, complements the glass element that softly diffuses light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Ideal for various settings, from study rooms to dining areas, bedrooms, cafes, and restaurants, this LED pendant light elevates the look of any space with its clean lines and contemporary appeal. Equipped with a 24V~48V/LED-12W holder, this LED pendant light ensures energy efficiency while providing ample illumination. The unique ring design not only serves as a functional light source but also acts as a piece of art, enhancing the aesthetic value of your interior decor. Whether installed as a single statement piece or in a series for a more dramatic effect, this pendant light is versatile enough to suit a wide range of decor styles and settings. Its modern silhouette makes it a perfect choice for those seeking to incorporate modern chandeliers or crystal pendant lights into their spaces without overwhelming the existing design elements. The Lit Concept’s Modern Metallic Ring Glass LED Pendant Light is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, style, and innovation. Offering a blend of pendant ceiling lights, glass pendant lights, and bedroom pendant lights, it provides a solution that is both functional and visually appealing. This lighting fixture is designed to be a focal point in any room, providing a sophisticated and elegant touch that complements both residential and commercial interiors. Enhance your space with this contemporary pendant light, and enjoy a perfect combination of style and light that transforms ordinary rooms into remarkable settings.

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Product Code

TLC A1863/450/B, TLC A1863/300/B


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