Aesthetic Wooden Rectangle Black and White Storage Box for living room bedroom office table Desktop table Decoration


The Aesthetic Wooden Rectangular Black and White Storage Boxes from The Lit Concept, models TLC-DX190027 and TLC-DX190026, will elevate your decor. These dazzling piano lacquer-finished MDF boxes, measuring 18018090 and 13013090, combine style and functionality, making them ideal for use as elegant desktop table decorations or as table decorations in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Product Code TLC-DX190027 / TLC-DX190026
Color Black & White
Material MDF Piano Lacquer
Size 180*180*90 / 130*130*90
DLP 5000/4800


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The Lit Concept proudly introduces its aesthetic wooden rectangular black and white storage boxes, a statement of elegance and practicality. These boxes, under model numbers TLC-DX190027 and TLC-DX190026, are masterfully created from premium MDF, and their surfaces are enhanced with a high-gloss piano lacquer finish. The striking contrast of black and white hues adds a contemporary yet timeless appeal to any space. With their respective sizes of 18018090 and 13013090, they offer versatile and stylish storage solutions.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into various decor styles, these storage boxes are not only functional but also serve as elegant decorative pieces. The sleek black and white design makes them ideal for a sophisticated living room setting, a serene bedroom, or as a stylish organizational element on an office table. They are particularly effective as desktop table decorations in a study table environment, where they bring both organization and a touch of modern artistry.

At The Lit Concept, we believe in the fusion of aesthetic appeal with everyday functionality. These aesthetic wooden rectangular storage boxes are a testament to this philosophy, offering a practical storage solution while enhancing the overall beauty of your interior. Whether used for storing small personal items, office supplies, or simply as an element of decor, these boxes are sure to add a refined and elegant touch to your home or office space.


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TLC-DX190027, TLC-DX190026

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